Boss Capital Demo

Traders always seek a broker with the option of a demo trading account. However, a free demo trading account is hard to find.

Boss Capital offers their traders a demo account to use along side their existing funded trading account.

In order to get a demo trading account with Boss Capital, traders just need to speak with their account representative and they will set it up for you.

On the homepage, traders can use the trading simulator as a learning tool, but it is not anything like a real demo trading account. A real demo account, traders can test their trading strategy in real time.

A demo account helps new traders get acclimated to the binary options trading platform. Although the trading platform is very user friendly and easy to use traders can use the demo to test speed and execution.

Smart traders take demo trading very seriously. They use it to practice their own trader psychology, along with technical & fundamental analysis.

When using a demo account, always trade in dollar amounts that are real. Trading is not a game!

Boss Capital Demo Account

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